Cellphones and Mobile Devices

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The concept of what we are focusing on is explained here.

So far in class we discussed some of the ways we can incorporate cell phones into the classroom. We also discussed some of the negative aspects of the assignment.

Rick emailed us links about the ethical side of cell phone use.
Texting and Driving, a Terrible Mix
Distracted Driving: What You Don`t See
Putting Distracted Drivers to the Test Video
Oprah`s No Texting Campaign

To go along with Rick's idea of "multi-tasking" I found an article about a gender divide in how people behave with technology. Research: Less Girl Game Time Down To Multitasking Behavior With Tech

Mobile devices are becoming more and more common and it something that we need to address. To give an idea of how many phones the world uses take a look at The Shocking Demographics of Cell Phone Use.

I (Sam) blogged about using cell phones in the classroom and tweeted out asking for other teachers to comment and share ideas. If anyone in the class has twitter and wants to help out with this, you could tweet out a link to my blog post or ask about cell phones in the classroom.
Mobile Education

Mobile Year in Review 2010 Video
Mobile Devices and mLearning in 2011
Educational Uses Using QR Codes

Here is a list of resources found right now:
Think Mobile Phones For Learning - This is a collective list of resources, we should go through them and pick out the ones we think are the best
mLearnopedia - Links to content for mobile learning, blogs of people who review and use cell phones
St. Mary's City Schools Mobile Learning Technology
18 Top Learning Technology & Media Links
Google Goggles - Searches using pictures, only available for android

Here is a list of blogs that should be looked at:
Upwardly Mobile - Toni Twiss an educator in New Zealand who does research with mobile phones in the classroom (Looking into contacting her)
The Mobile Learner - Rob De Lorenzo vice-principal in Toronto investigating mobile study in the classroom
Craig Mantin - School district embracing smart phones this is his blog about it.
- Texting to Learn video from CNN
Bryan Jackson
Real Teaching Means Real Learning - Cell Phones first, paper second
Upside of Learning- What Is Mobile Learning?
From Tool To Toy - Cellphone Scavenger Hunt Builder
Four Student Response Systems
Mobile Learning Blog - 10 Benefits of Mobile Learning
Mobile Apps for Education Evolving
2011 Becoming the Year of the Smartphone
10 Mobile Trends of 2011
McGraw Hill Gets In On The Mobile Education Market
How Technology Will and Won't Change Education by 2020
Blackboards to Blackberries
Mobile Math Lab
Teaching With Cell Phones
Fair Cell Phone Use in Schools
Why Mobile Is A Must
Effects of Mobile Learning on Student Behaviour

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